Saturday, May 16, 2009

antica farmacista ( is, for me, the freshest and most elegant diffuser on the market. take a look through the site and let me know if your space needs a little freshening up!

shop shop shop

i am starting to carry some lines again that were always great sellers in the store, and some new fun lines as well!
i am doing shows on the weekends as well as just selling privately. scroll through the sites and let me know if you would like to have a little "home store" party or just get some pricing for yourself!
this line is arte italica ( and is the best italian pottery that i know of. the color choices are great and can go with any style of home. their dish lines is beautiful as well.

back in the game

well, it's been 4 months since the closing of the perfect petal, and after a little breather, i am ready to get back back into my creative mode in a few ways. i miss the store terribly, but i think we made the right decision.

i am beginning to do some potted planting again on the weekends. i loved doing that when i had the store but i felt like i always needed to rush through it to get back to the store. i can do it with the time and attention it deserves!
shoot me a "comment" below if you need to pretty up your pots.